Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish


• Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish (Mastigias papua)
• Diameter 2,5 cm

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The spotted lagoon jellyfish also called mastiguas papua has it’s natural living space in calm bays, harbours and lagoons of the pacific ocean.

They are easy to distinguish from other types because of their white points on the body and the 8 arms they have on each tentacle.

Because of their different colours like blue, green, pink orange or yellow they are very popular for jellyfish tanks. The colours are slightly transparent and the jellyfish is covered with black points.

Instead of a mouth they have a lot of mouth openings on their arms which allow them to catch microorganisms like plankton.

Our jellyfish are pretty young in order to live and grow as long as possible in your tank.

Compatible jellyfish types:

We don’t recommend to keep lagoon jellies together with other jellyfish types in one tank.

Spotted lagoon jellyfish facts:

Live expectancy: up to 14 months

Water temperature: 20 – 24C

Food: artemia, cubic jellyfish food

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