Moon jellyfish


• Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)
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Moon jellyfish, also called aurelia aurita, are the most common jellyfish for tanks because they are very easy to keep and they aren’t poisonous for human (you can find a detailed instruction of how to keep jellyfish in our instruction sector).

The jellyfish move because of the pulsative movement of their bell. Because of these smoothly and relaxing movements the jellyfish are floating through your jellyfish tank.

The jellyfish are almost transparent, this is why they perfectly adapt to the LED-Lightning and create a unique and fascinating view.

Our jellyfish are pretty young in order to live and grow as long as possible in your tank.

Moon jellyfish facts:

Live expectancy: up to 1 year

Water temperature: 18 – 24°C

Food: artemia, cubic jellyfish food

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S – Ø 2 – 5 cm, M – Ø 6 – 10 cm


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