Flame Jellyfish


  • Rhopilema esculentum
  • Diameter: 2,5 cm
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Flame jellyfish also called Rhopilema esculentum and are a subspecies of the barrel jellyfish.

They are breeded in the east coast of china in giant breeding tanks and are released to the ocean in order to refill the natural population of the sea.

The flame jellyfish has a round and bell shaped body. It has many wire shaped and short tentacles with lots of stinging cells. With these tentacles it surrounds his food and processes it with the help of digestive juice.

They are a little bit poisonous this is why you should treat them carefully while cleaning your tank. When touched it can lead to slight itching.

Our jellyfish are pretty young in order to live and grow as long as possible in your tank.

Compatible jellyfish types:

We don’t recommend to keep flame jellyfish together with other jellyfish types in one tank.

This jellyfish type is only for people who have experience in jellyfish keeping.

Flame jellyfish facts:

Live expectancy: up to 4 months

Water temperature: 24 – 28C

Food: artemia, cubic jellyfish food

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