Blue Blubber


• Blue Blubber  (Rhizostoma octopus)
• Diameter: 2,5 cm

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The Blue Bubber, also called Catostylus mosaicus are a very common type of jellyfish for tanks because they are relatively easy to keep.

This type distinguish from other jellyfish because of their dome shaped bell and the 8 tentacles that look like ties.

They are very popular because of their variety of colors from light blue to dark purple and burgundy. Sometimes they are also white or brown, this depends of the type of symbiotic algae in the body of the jellyfish. They have a firm consistency and are very active and fast swimmers.

Our jellyfish are pretty young in order to live and grow as long as possible in your tank.

Blue Blubber facts:

Live expectancy: up to 1 year

Water temperature: 24 – 28C

Food: artemia, cubic jellyfish food

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