NEW! ready seawater – 20L


  • delivered in 20 L canister
  • price 0,99€/L


Our ready-made seawater is ideal for the start or just for partial water exchanges.


As it contains all the organism and trace elements in perfect proportions it is immediately ready for use.

The water has a positive biologic effect and compensates the deficits in the tank reliable.

The active biologic substance increases the well-being of the jellyfish.

Do something good for your jellyfish and give them our ready-made seawater.


Your advantage:

  • immediately usable
  • can be stored for water exchange
  • no work (mixing water, salt and bacteria)


Waste removal: on request

In order to not pollute the environment we will send you a DPD-return shipment label after the

fourth delivered canister (on request). In this way the old canisters can be send back to us in order to reuse them or dispose them appropriately.


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