Cubic Orbit 20


Dimensions: 38 x 20,5 x 38 cm (width x depth x height)
Material: acrylic glass
Capacity: 23 liters
Suitable for max. 10 jellyfish size S as well as 3 jellyfish size M
Incl. LED-Lighting system with different colours
Manufacturer: Cubic Aquarium Systems LTD – London
Plus shipping costs
Delivery time approx. 3 -4 days

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The Orbit 20 jellyfish tank is our smallest tank and perfect for placing it on a table or dresser. It combines style, functionality and user-friendliness.

This tank was exclusively designed and invented for jellyfish. Because of its in-built LED lighting system it exhibits the jellyfish perfectly. This tank provides a specialy for jellyfish developed flow which is needed for their survival.

Our tanks own a modern in-built filter system which provides a minimum of care effort.

Because of these tanks it’s possible for tank beginners or laymen to keep jellyfish without big effort or any previous knowledge about jellyfish.


The LED-Lighting system was specially developed for these tanks. With help of the remote control it is possible to choose between lots of different colours. The remote control has lots of different functions like choosing colours, brightness or the variation between different colours. Additionally we have lots of pre-programmed options for a colour change.

Filter technology:

The filter technology is placed on the outer ring of the tank where the water first flows through a sponge filter which filters the rough dirt. After this the water flows through a high poriferous ceramic bio media filter which eliminates all of the undesired chemicals and bacteria from the water. This superior filter system provides very clean water which is important for the health of the jellyfish. The circular water flow which is deciding for a successful jellyfish keeping is also produced by the filter technology. Furthermore our filters are almost soundless.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 circulation pump/ filter technology
  • 1 filter sponge
  • 1 LED lamp with changing colours (10 W)
  • 1 remote control for the LED lighting system
  • 1 tank hose
  • 1 hydrometer (for checking the salt content)
  • 1 feeding pipette
  • Instructions


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