Scope of delivery:

Medusium Circle Jellyfish Aquarium
3 ear jellyfish size M (5 – 10 cm)
1 jar 20 g freshly hatched baby artemia (jellyfish food)
1 vial of filter bacteria & 1 bag of Chemi-Pure
2 x 20 litres of finished sea water
Alternative to water:
1 bag of Tropic Marin sea salt à 2 kg
1 silent circulation pump
2 Filter material
1 LED lamp with changing colours
1 remote control for the LED lighting system
1 aquarium hose
1 feeding pipette



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Medusium Circle

With this complete set you get everything you need for jellyfish keeping. It contains the jellyfish aquarium Medusium Circle, 3 ear jellyfish size S, food in the form of 1 glass of 20 g freshly hatched baby artemia and 2 x 20 litres of ready-to-use seawater. As an alternative to seawater, there is 1 package of Tropic Marin Sea Salt at 2 kg and 1 bottle of filter bacteria for water treatment.

The Medusium Circle is one of the newest jellyfish aquariums on the market. It belongs to the smaller standard aquariums and convinces with its innovative design.

This jellyfish aquarium has been developed exclusively for keeping jellyfish and therefore offers the ideal home for a smaller number of jellyfish.

Every jellyfish aquarium necessarily needs a current that keeps the jellyfish always in motion and imitates the natural current of the sea. If the jellyfish do not have a constant current they cannot swim and sink to the bottom. At the bottom they can no longer move and cannot take in food. This is why a constant and gentle current is so important for the survival of the jellyfish. If you are considering buying a jellyfish tank, you should make sure that the current and shape of the tank are suitable.

An LED lighting system is standard equipment. With the remote control it is possible to choose between many different colours. The remote control has several functions like choosing the color, brightness or switching between different colors. In addition, there are many pre-programmed options for a colour change.

Filter technology:
The filter technology is located in the outer ring of the aquarium, where the coarse dirt is filtered and the water is cleaned. The excellent filter system ensures very clean water, which is very important for the health of the jellyfish. In addition, the aquarium is equipped with a quiet DC pump. This filter technology creates the necessary circular flow, which is crucial for successful jellyfish keeping in the aquarium.

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