The salt water tank

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Moon jellyfish need salt water. It just needs a few additional minutes per month to hold the salt content. Most retail shops which specialize on aquariums say that it’s much easier to maintain freshwater tanks. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. Jellyfish tanks are easier to maintain than many freshwater aquariums because the jellyfish have a smaller metabolism. Saltwater aquariums can be really costly to hold because you have challenging types of fish. But having a saltwater aquarium doesn’t instantly mean that you have to hold challenging fish inside.

The only additional work is to hold the salt content of the tank. Just check the salt content before a water exchange in order to adapt the water if needed. Don’t let yourself discouraged of buying a jellyfish tank because of prejudice. Holding of salt water fish can be extreme challenging or also be very easy. Fortunately jellyfish are the ones of the easier sector.




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