Reproduction of jellyfish

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Jellyfish have a unique life cycle which contains sexual and asexual reproduction. Female and male jellyfish release eggs and fertilize them. This is where the small larva called planula larva emerge. The planula larva swims till it finds a hard object like a stone or a coral reef on which it can stick to. Now it transforms into a polyp which looks like a sea anemone. This polyp is able to clone itself and create a big colony. The polyps stay now for several months and rest until the suitable season gives them a sign to stretch and spread themselves. This is called strobilation. Small ephyra larva develop which will be later a grown jellyfish. Many jellyfish types can be breed in tanks. But it is a difficult process because the jellyfish need a seperate tank for every live cycle with certain water and feeding regulations. It takes several month for a ephyra larva to get a grown jellyfish.




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