The ideal water quality

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The water quality is the most important criteria for successfully keeping jellyfish in your tank. If the water quality is correct the jellyfish even can heal themselves and regenerate.

This is why we recommend to do a weekly water test and check the following values:

temperature: between 15 and 24C°

ammoniac NH3: 0 – max. 2ppm

Nitrate NO3: 0 – 20 ppm (max. 70 ppm)

Nitrite NO2: 0 – max. 10 ppm

pH: 7,6 – 8,2

Salt content: between 30 and 35 g/L

If one of these values varies you should change these values appropriate.

The Water quality will improve by exchanging the water more often and cleaning your tank regularly.

To avoid losing too much bacteria you can add filter bacteria.




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