Regular water exchange

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With the cubic Orbit20 jellyfish tank you need to exchange approx. 25% of the water once a week. With the CubicPulse80 we recommend to do the water exchange of approx. 25% every two weeks and with the CubicPulse 160 every month.

It is recommended to check the salt content before doing the water exchange. Before the water exchange you should also wash your hands very well in order to not pollute the water. Attention: do not use any kind of soap to wash your hands. To avoid electrical problems, unplug the tank during the water exchange. You can protect the jellyfish during the water exchange by putting them into a separate container or a bag in the tank (fold down a bag several times and put it into the water).

Now use a cup/ bucket or a tank hose in order to remove the water. It is also recommended to remove dirt and deposits from the tank while changing the water.

You can also use the feeding pipette to remove deposits. Use your hydrometer to check the salt content of the tank. If the salt content is out of the area of 30-35g/l you should adapt the water appropriately (increase the water or the salt amount).

You can use ready mixed water or make your own salt water. For this you should use distilled or osmosis water. Never use tap water for a jellyfish tank.

If you fill in the new water you have to be careful because the water causes air bubbles which can get stuck below the jellyfish.

Insert the jellyfish carefully into the tank. Be sure that the jellyfish are always in the water. In order to achieve a better water quality we recommend to clean the filter sponges once a month with normal water. Once every 6 month you should clean the filter and the circular pump.

The more you exchange your water, the better your water quality gets. But never exchange more than 50% of the water at once and never do it more than twice a week.




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