Mix your saltwater

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You can make your own salt water without problems by mixing water with tank salt. Commercial salt can not provide a healthy environment for jellyfish. To ensure this, you have to use special tank/-sea salt. For one Liter of water you have to use 30-35 gram of sea salt.

You can also buy already prepared seawater at your local  tank or animal store. (approx.0,50€/ liter.)

Do not mix the sea salt with normal tap water, except this water was filtered by an osmosis installation (you can buy an osmosis installation at a normal animal trade or in our Online-Shop.) You can simply connect it to your faucet. The water flowing trough will be filtered of dirt particles, chlorine, dirt etc. It is perfect for the jellyfish keeping.

Although our tap water is clean and drinkable, it contains material which is harmfull to jellyfish.

You can use filtered (osmosis water) or distilled water. You can also find distilled water at several retailers. Follow the dosage instructions on the salt packaging. Let the salt mix with the water for at least 24h in order to dissolve perfectly. If the jellyfish are already in the water you have to use a separate container for mixing the salt and the water. It is really important that the mixed salt water is given in to the tank after it is perfectly dissolved in the water. The new mixed water should also have the same temperature as the water in the tank. For this you can just keep it in the same room.

Now use your hydrometer in order to check the salt content. Add salt or water in order to achieve a salt content of 30 – 35 g/Liter.




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