Daily feeding

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Jellyfish mostly feed themselves with plankton and little salt crabs. The jellyfish catch their food with their tentacles.

Taking care of jellyfish is just as easy as taking care of a fish tank. They have to be fed once a day and the water has to be exchanged every week, every 2 weeks or every month (according to the size of the tank).

The salt content should also be checked every week. It is okay not to feed the jellyfish if you aren’t at home over weekend. But you should feed them more than usual before and after this period.

Jellyfish have to be fed once a day. Jellyfish naturally eat constantly. They feed of food flowing through the ocean, which is why it’s good to feed them several times a day with smaller doses. This also causes less dirt in your tank.

The jellyfish are fed with the help of a pipette. Mix the food with the same amount tank water. Assure that the container in which you are mixing your food is clean or there is a danger of generating harmful bacteria. Now squirt the food with the pipette into the tank. Living food can be given directly into the water. If it is living food don’t squirt the food directly under the jellyfish because they would forget the natural process of food intake. With already mixed food you can squirt it directly under the jellyfish because it will not move in the water.

We recommend living food because of the following two reasons:


  • they are rich in vitamins and other acidities which are essential for the growth and nutrition of the jellyfish.
  • living food swims in the water and is easier to catch for jellyfish.


You can buy ready breeding sets which you can also find in our online-Shop.

Meanwhile it is also possible to achieve a healthier nutrition without living food with our special jellyfish food.

They jellyfish will eat the food in approx. 5 – 30 minutes. If the water is cloudy after that time,  you have given them too much food. If you have a thin film of food on the gonadals (shape in the jellyfish shield) you have given the right amount of food.




Keeping Jellyfish Made Easy!

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