Acclimatizing and introducing the jellyfish

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After receipt of the jellyfish you have to start introducing them into the tank. They arrive in a styrofoam box which is packed in a carton. You have to assure that someone is at home in order to receive them.

Now you can start introducing the jellyfish. Remove enough water from the tank so that later you have enough space for the entire content of the water bag in which you received the jellyfish. Now you have to fold down the bag in order to put it into the tank and let it float on the surface of the water. Now you can start filling small amounts of water (approx. 10% of the bag content) from the tank into the bag. Repeat this every 5 minutes for an hour. It is really important that the jellyfish acclimate slow and in small steps to the new water in the tank.

Now dive the bag below water surface in order to let the jellyfish swim into the tank. Assure that the jellyfish never have air contact. At the beginning the jellyfish will not move for several hours. As soon as they acclimatized to their new environment they will move constantly. Execute the first water exchange (25% of the tank content) after the first day and the second water exchange after 5 days. After this you should do it every week or every month (according to the tank size). Wait at least 12 hours until you feed the jellyfish for the first time.

After this they should be fed once a day. For this you have to mix the food with some water so you can absorb it with the pipette. Now squirt the food into the tank. The jellyfish will eat the food in the next 5 – 30 minutes. It’s also possible to just dump the mixed food with water into the tank.

Wait at least 12 hours till you feed the jellyfish for the first time. After this you should feed then approx. 4 times a week or even better once a day.




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