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The Moon Jellyfish


The last time you thought you saw the reflection from the stars above gently placed on the surface of the ocean were more than likely Moon Jellyfish gazing up from below.


Moon Jellyfish

are the most populous and common Jelly to be found in the ocean and inhabit the coastal waters near tropical climates but can be found in many other bodies of water as they can withstand temperatures as low as -6 and as high as 32 degrees celsius. The Moon Jellyfish is quite hardy and have been found in seas with a salinity of just .6% which makes them ideal to keep as pets. Generally white to transparent, when hit with an LED light glow like white embers floating lazily through the air.

They move through the water like smoke on a calm day due to pulsations from their bells which can grow up to 30 centimeters across. They are much more active during the summer months when the ocean temperature increases and the oxygen level decreases. This is when incidents from the mild sting of the Moon Jellyfish increase, however they pose no real threats to humans and prefer eating plankton they ensnare with their long tentacles.

A Jelly fact to go:

Even though you may name your pet Moon Jellyfish there is a very small chance they will respond or bring you the newspaper. This is because these Jellyfish are made up of 95% water and essentially only possess a mouth and digestive system. They come replete with a complex set of nerves but cannot think, their lives revolving around mating and eating – maybe they are closer to humans after all. And much like some free spirited, easy going souls you may know these Jelly simply go where the current takes them. While they do possess a set of muscles to propel and keep them at the top of the ocean they are at the mercy of the current.


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